Frequently Asked Questions



How do I arrange for a tour? Call, text, or email us with your tour request or questions at any hour. There is no minimum number of people required, although we normally have single riders join an existing tour, as opposed to scheduling their own. Payment can be made after the tour. No payment is necessary to make a reservation!

What does it cost? A tour is $89 per person, regardless of the group size, or the age of the riders, except for the Griffith Observatory, which is $159 per person. There is no sales tax, so the total is $89 each for all tours, except the Observatory at $159. Gratuity is entirely optional.

When are the tours? We generally meet at 11:00 AM, although start times may vary by request. We usually offer them everyday, all year, but scheduling yours in advance is suggested.

How long are the tours? All the tours normally take about two hours, but can take a little longer, depending on group dynamics and conditions. Only the Griffith Observatory tour takes about four hours. Our tours range between seven and 12 miles (11 and 19 kilometers) of distance.

Where do we meet? Near the tour location. When you schedule a tour, you will be given the details of the meeting point for the tour you have chosen. We meet in a different place for each tour, since each one covers a different area.

What is learning to ride like? It will be among the fastest activities you've ever learned. Within minutes of first stepping on a Segway, you will have a basic feel for its intuitive operation. We'll teach you how to ride before the tour. With proper training and some practice, better riding ability will soon develop. A guide will be with your group the entire time.

Is there an age or height requirement? No, there is not an age or height requirement.

Are there any physical requirements? Riders should weigh between approximately 100 and 250 pounds (45 and 115 kilograms). Since you are going to be on your feet during our tours, you must be able to comfortably remain on them for no less than two hours and capable of continuously making minor shifts from front to back and side to side, with knees that can bend slightly.

Can I fall while riding a Segway? Yes. While the Segway balances for you, it is still under your control and relies on you to control its direction and speed. You must practice your skills and know the limitations of your riding ability and the Segway. As with any moving device, you must ride with care and always as an observant operator to avoid hazards and collisions with obstacles and be aware of your surroundings and the terrain.

What is provided? There is two-way communication between all Segways. We have adjustable helmets, with sun visors, and strongly recommend their use. We have gloves and hand warmers for you during cooler weather. We also provide a free bottle of water.

May I buy a Segway tour as a gift? Yes. A Segway tour makes an excellent gift for all occasions! It can be completed over the phone in just minutes and you can print the gift card at your location immediately. The gift has no expiration and additional riders, who may later decide to join, can usually be accommodated.

What if we need to cancel or reschedule? There is no cost to cancel or reschedule a tour, but please keep us informed of any changes in your plans, so you don't prevent others from riding and we won't travel unnecessarily to meet you. If you don't want to ride for any reason, which includes the weather, then don't, but do let us know! We have weather forecast links on each tour page, both hourly and 10-day, on the left hand side.

What is a Segway? The Segway is a transportation device designed for one person. It has a top speed of 12½ miles per hour (20 kilometers per hour). It is battery powered, electronically balanced, with a zero turning radius and no emissions. From a standing position, all movements are controlled by basically leaning slightly in the direction you want to travel. Not only is it smart and effective transportation, but more fun than you can imagine!

Why doesn't the Segway fall over? Five gyroscopes, two tilt sensors, and an array of electronics make adjustments 100 times a second. The Segway remains balanced electronically--you do not have to self-balance from front to back, even over rough or uneven terrain. Remarkably intuitive and usually easy to learn for anyone. Feels like magic, but it is technology in action. The only way you could even begin to fully appreciate the wonder of the Segway is to try it for yourself.

Who makes the Segway? Segway, Inc. of New Hampshire, where it is manufactured. It was invented by Dean Kamen and Segway® is a registered trademark of Segway, Inc. in the United States and in other countries. It first became widely available in March 2003. Developed at a cost of $100 million over 10 years, and further developed for another several years following its initial release, the Segway is an amazing creation!

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